Leadership Qualities List – Welcome

Hello and thanks for stopping by my leadership qualities site!  I am not sure what brought you here searching for a leadership qualities list, but the fact that you are looking for one either means you are looking to improve your skills or those of your team members.  It could be that you are writing a performance evaluation or writing a term paper.  Either way I am glad you stopped by.  I started this blog to create some interaction with leaders out there beyond the corporate environment I work in and to build a resource for people just like me looking to engage in leadership discussions and topics.  If you fall into the category of someone looking for a “one hit” list, I have my top  11 Effective Leadership Skills that I try to maintain as a leader of a development team.   You can quickly go there to get your list and move on.

For those that are interested in learning and having discussions and interactions with a group of like minded people and learn from each other’s experiences, I would love to have you bookmark this page or subscribe to the RSS feed via email or your reader at the top of this page or click the facebook button at the top left to go there to connect.

There are many leadership qualities and many different opinions and experiences that we can all share.  This is a new site and I plan to post often with my experiences for discussion.  Come back and join me… Also, I have a free report on the right that has some additional information in PDF form for your reference, AND if you subscribe to the list I can inform you on relevant information as well as reach out for discussions.

Before you go look at around at some of the early content posted in the box to the left or go to video/resources page for more information and relevant content.

Thanks again for stopping in, hope to talk with you soon!

PS.  I realize some of you will be hitting this page from work and cannot use facebook or youtube, so I will do my best to post content in all places so that it is consumable to all!